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15% Salicylic Treatment

15% Salicylic Treatment


Stop battling with stubborn acne and start controlling acne caused by inflammation and bacteria. After 3 months and 3 treatments, skin will become transformed. Oil production will greatly decrease, hyper inflammatory pigmentation will lighten or go away completely. Skin will brighten and pores will become more refined.

We recommend that after the 3 Salicylic Treatments, to start doing the 30% Glycolic Treatments to keep inflammation, accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria causing acne to stay gone.

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Everything you need for 3 months of salicylic peels
3 months of glycolic peels. 

Kit includes: Before and after detailed instructions, 3 treatments of 15% salicylic acid and 3 treatments of 30% glycolic acid, 3 pairs of gloves and hydration and soothing mask.

BONUS GIFT cellulose sponges


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